Business Development & Consulting

Business Development

To start any new business or to expand on an established business, three important things are needed; creativity, drive and money. The professionals at Pulse Worldwide recognize the importance of these requirements and by using the consortium approach; they leverage considerable resources to assist their clients in meeting their needs. By combining all of the talents of those within the Pulse Consortium, like venture capital, investment banking, asset management, development services, marketing strategy, world class branding initiatives and consulting services, they establish a customized dream team specifically for their client giving them the best opportunities for success.

Pulse Worldwide has helped numerous companies to launch and expand in multiple industries, including Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device, Medical/Health Record, Government, Telecommunications, General Contracting, Energy and Consumer. Areas in which we have assisted clients and services that we offer include:

Strategy Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Business Plan Review
  • Marketing Strategy Development
Financial Consulting
  • Budget Development
  • Government Financing & Incentives
  • Revenue Projections
  • Financial Models
  • Capital Investment Procurement
Governmental Affairs
  • Management of Regulatory Affairs
  • Structuring Legislative & Political Strategies
  • Presentations
  • Facilitating Connections to Industry & Service Provider Contacts
Project Management
  • Site Acquisition
  • Procurement
  • RFP Processes
  • Management of Design Professionals
  • Requisition & Payment
  • Accounting & Record Keeping
  • Regulatory Services

To summarize, the platforms Pulse Worldwide operates in allows us to offer comprehensive, world class solutions to companies in all stages of their business life cycles, from start-up to expansion to diversification and even including merger and acquisition. Let us put our finger on the Pulse of your market.